$75 per session | $250 per month if paid in full | ($50 savings!)

What’s included:

Weekly One-on-One session:

This session can be done face to face, by phone or video chat as needed. These sessions would be one hour in duration. 

You will be added to the distribution list

To receive my weekly newsletter that is sent to my coaching clients.

Daily motivational and/or reminder messages

Will be sent to you via text message or Facebook Messenger.

You will also have unlimited access to me as your coach

Daily between the hours of 8am and 9pm, should you feel the need for a "timeout". pep talk or venting session.

Identifying Goal(s) | Determine Path to Success (6 Easy Steps) | Check against the  4 “Musts” | Spot checks conducted during weekly appointments 

One-Time Brainstorming Session


This session is designed for people who need a jumpstart on making plans and taking action on their already established goals. I will help you formulate a plan, we will create the 4 Musts together and clarify your strengths and talents that will make them happen.  *If after the session you decide to move into life coaching, the $50 already paid will be deducted from the monthly rate. 


The rates for motivational speaking vary based on needs of the event. I am available for keynote speaking, full day/half day seminars, breakout sessions, 1:1’s with employees and company leadership. I am currently booking within 200 miles of Buffalo, NY. Travel expenses are to be covered by the booking party. 


Package 1: 6 sessions- $219
Package 2: 12 sessions- $389
Package 3: 24 sessions- $689 (includes gym membership!)


Package 1: 6 sessions- $269
Package 2: 12 sessions- $439
Package 3: 24 sessions- $739 (includes gym membership!)


$50 per week
$175 per month if paid in full
*$25 savings!


$12 per class drop in rate
6 class bundle: $59 (to be used within 3 months)
10 class bundle: $70 (to be used within 4 months)

At least one session a week is highly recommended; up to 3 a week is available based on needs and motivation levels. All training comes with weekly workout planning customized for your personal goals and activity level, and basic nutritional guidance and planning is included. All personal training clients can attend Cardiometrics classes at no additional charge!