Brian is such an awesome guy , a great guy. He has helped me to transform my life so much this year through his motivational speaking and has helped inspire me to not give up on what was once a struggle with my weight. His dedication to eating healthy and staying fit is what motivated me to get back in the gym and in the past 4 months I have lost 15 lbs. Thank you Brian for being a great support system and helping me to not give up on myself. You actually live what you preach and I admire you for that.

Anavay, Buffalo, NY

This year has been a pivotal year for me, however, I felt that I needed just a little extra push to move forward with setting my personal and professional goals and really go after the life that I'm destined to have.
I decided towards the beginning of the summer that I was ready to hire a life coach and I was recommended by a really close friend of mine to Brian Wheeler. Although I couldn't find much on Brian when I searched him, I've known my friend for years and know that they'd never recommend someone whom they weren't confident in. And I'm so happy that I did because in just the few months I've been working with Brian my life has continued to change for the better. Brian clearly loves what he does and is very passionate about wanting to help others succeed in life.
Anyone looking for an extra push and help starting to take more action of your life, I'd highly recommend working with Brian Wheeler. Thank you Brian!!

Emily, Buffalo, NY